Time Stands Still

A Blackhawk sets down in Afghanistan. Credit: Chris Hondros

Welcome to the Dramaturgy Blog for The Chance Theater’s production of Time Stands Still!

A place for questions (and hopefully answers) about Donald Margulies’ play about the changing times and the people who decide whether or not to change with them. Also party planners and photographers.

Look here for information on:

A Brief Biography of Playwright Donald Margulies

Sarah’s Injuries Including

  • The Impact of IEDs
  • Shrapnel Injuries
  • The Effects of a Coma on the Patient and Family

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Other Realities of Living/Working in War Zones

The Iraq War and other Quandaries Including

Photojournalism and Combat Photography Including

  • Case Studies of Iconic Photojournalism
  • What Makes a Good Photograph
  • The Ethics of Photojournalism

“Having It All” — Working Women and Childless Women

A handy dandy maps page!

Take a click! (If it’s blue, it clicks!) Questions? Concerns? Want to add a research focus? Drop me a line here or in the rehearsal room.

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