Porn for Women

When I hear that phrase, I usually think of the mom in Disney’s Mary Poppins who chants “Votes for Women!” but instead she goes “Porn for Women!” Just think about it. It scans.

So there’s this book out from the “Cambridge Women’s Pornography Collective” called Porn for Women. The foreword to the book says

We asked young women, old women, rich and poor, “what really, really gets you hot?” Armed with our findings, we then locked ourselves in CWPC laboratories and worked day and night to create Porn for Women –porn unlike any porn you’ve seen before. It’s so provocative, so incendiary, that we advise each of our readers to find a safe place to sit down before opening these pages.

Prepare to enter our fantasy world, girls (or guys who want to learn something): a world where clothes get folded just so, delicious dinners await us at home, and flatulence is just not that funny. Continue reading

Single People’s Weeks: This is Not a Love Story: Zooey Deschanel and the Refusal of Romance

As I’ve recently been documenting, I’ve felt a little assaulted by images of romance, particularly heteronormative romance and chick flicks. It might just be because it’s getting closer to Valentine’s Day, but I’m starting to feel a little down as a single white female in Manhattan.

You're lettin' me down ladies. You're lettin' me down.

When even Carrie from Sex and the City is married, I’m failing in the romance department. But I’m not going to get depressed, and I’m not going to settle, and I’m not going to join eHarmony and become one of those gawdawful commercials.

Because, despite what the multiplex wants to tell you, the point of your life does not have to be to find a partner, have two point five kids, and spend the rest of your life making them make up for the fact that you gave up the rest of your life for them. How do I know this? I watch Zooey Deschanel films. Continue reading