Mortal (and Demigod) Family Trees

Who’s related to who, now? Alcestis has a lot of names getting thrown around, and that can be especially confusing when a king named his kingdom after himself. (Well done, Pheres!) Here’s some visual aids to help you keep straight who shouldn’t kiss who (not that that has ever dissuaded them.)

The Gods:

Lots of random illegitimate kids are left out of this.

Seriously. This is just Apollo’s illegitimate kids (immortal and mortal.) Ready to make your head hurt? Look at this family tree. I’m thinking someone’s lying about being related to gods. What do you think?

Heracles’ Line:

Mortal is while he lives on Earth, and Immortal is after he ascends Olympus

Also, Heracles’ ancestors:

Yes. Zeus shows up in Heracles family tree three times. Yes. Zeus is messed up.

Most of those people aren’t important except for Perseus and Andromeda and  Zeus and Io, who is the chick that Zeus tries to conceal from his wife by turning her into a cow, but Hera figures it out and sends a horsefly to sting her. Io runs across the Mediterranean to Egypt where she becomes the goddess Isis. Perseus is that guy from Clash of the Titans, the guy who slayed Medusa and rescued Andromeda from a sea monster.

Admetus and Alcestis (or yes, they too are related):

(Sorry guys I haven’t found a good family tree yet so here’s a quick and dirty one. = is a marriage, – is a pairing. * is the heir in the line of succession. Pheres goes off and creates his own country to avoid conflict with his older brother and half-brother.)

The House of Iolcus

*Creutheus*        =        Tyro – – – – – Poseidon

I                               I

*Aeson* and Pheres*            Pelias

I                   I                         I

Medea = *Jason*        Admetus* =     Alcestis

So yes, Admetus and Alcestis are half-cousins. The Egyptians were doing a lot worse in this period.