“Lemoning:” An Explanation

Lemoning: v. the act of embarrassing oneself through geekery or general awkwardness in new, original, and hilarious ways. Like floundering but cuter. Origin: NBC’s 30 Rock, referring to the name of one of the lead characters, Liz Lemon (played by Tina Fey.) She is the geeky head writer and director of TGS, the fictional variety show that acts as a stand-in for Saturday Night Live.

Lemoning is so much more than embarrassing yourself in a hilarious way. It is nerding out. It is geeking out. It is falling down stairs. And occasionally, it’s being slightly competent when everyone is losing it.

Not to be confused with Lemon Fic, but directly related to Lemony Narrator.

Hey, “freaky deakies need love too.”

1 thought on ““Lemoning:” An Explanation

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