Father Enforces Gender Binary, Makes Son Cry

This has been making its way around the internet, but I just need people to see it because it’s a really interesting conversation piece.

I love that the dad says he’s a horrible father at the end because, honestly, he looks like he believes it at that moment. Not necessarily because he’s chastising himself about the gender binary but because he realizes that shaming his child (making him cry) is bad parenting. And that’s how a coming out moment ends up being a happy occasion rather than a devastating one.

Yes, there’s something funny about this little boy’s little breakdown. It’s one of those brilliant child beat changes reminiscent of the boy from the “Charlie Bit Me” video.

Most actors would kill for that kind of beat clarity. Watch kids and you see a sharp mercurial beat change every time. Seriously, all those dumb kid videos on Youtube are valuable enough in their own way to be a Staging Principle.

This breakdown from the Tosh.0 blog (a show I honestly hate for both it’s tendency towards the problematic and it’s charisma-less host who somehow still has a job in a world where Joel McHale seems to have time to do two TV shows) is equally as interesting:

If your 3-year-old son wants to be a single lady, you best let him be a single lady. DO NOT deny that child the joy of telling an ex to go screw himself.

When this kid sings, “Just cried my tears, for three good years”, he freaking knows what he’s talking about. Years of tears, people. Beyonce shares that experience with many toddlers.

Leave it to the kid’s father to nitpick a little thing like the word “lady”. Thanks for the buzzkill, Dad.

This is strangely, even possibly unintentionally, gender confusion positive. I don’t know if they intended it, but it’s a good sign either way.


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